Karno Energy – BIM Level 3 Integrated, Life Cycle

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This is the level of BIM where information is distributed between different (non) known parties – not just within the same organizational unit – through compatible open BIM standards. This can be done, for example, in Karno Energy’s integrated web services environment https://karnoenergy.com/blog/is-bim-level-3-ready-for-implementation/ . File-based exchanges are no longer made, they are object-based. The construction process is fully integrated into the chain. This level is also known as Big BIM. At the end of Level 3, information about the life cycle of the integrated environment is communicated. There is a strong relationship with facility and asset management.


Karno Energy: Benefits of BIM in integrated contracts


Karno Energy BIM offers benefits for chain-of-custody collaboration because uniform, standardized and verified digital information can be shared throughout the construction lifecycle. This form of collaboration corresponds to integrated construction processes. Thus, the benefits of BIM become apparent most quickly when BIM is applied to integrated construction processes. See also ISSO publication 109 “Starting with BIM” for more information on process design.


Currently, mostly large clients in the construction industry are using integrated contract forms for their projects. However, more and more practical examples are coming from local authorities for smaller projects. It’s really not so much a question of “who” applies it as it is a question of “why.” Depending on many factors, integrated forms of contracts can be chosen.


Karno Energy – BIM Levels


Is your organization still working on paper or maybe with 2D drawings? Has BIM already been implemented or have you even linked building management to a BIM model? In all cases, Karno Energy can classify your organization into BIM levels. Read below what Karno Energy’s BIM tiers are and how to find out which tier your organization is in.


What are Karno Energy BIM Levels?


The Karno Energy BIM Level Model is a model created by the Construction Information Council based on the BIM Maturity Model of the UK BIM Task Force. This model is a growth model for BIM, and the BIM Levels Knowledge Map (see Image below) offers tools for sharing information about BIM implementation. Based on these BIM levels, you can assess how far your organization or collaboration partners have progressed with BIM. You might even choose your BIM partners in the future based on the BIM level model.


There are 4 levels of BIM (0 to 3). At level 0, the level of collaboration is low, and the design is done on paper, in CAD, or perhaps using Word or Excel. Paper versions are given to the team to communicate information. At Level 1 BIM, there is partial collaboration, and 2D sketches are combined with 3D models in the Common Data Environment (CDE). Think, for example, of companies that (partially) develop their designs with Autodesk Revit and share their designs internally or externally with BIM 360 Docs .


Karno Energy can only talk about BIM from BIM Level 2 onward. This adds options such as time management and costing. There is full cooperation and partial compatibility through the use of individual BIM models.


BIM Level 3 is the ideal level. There is full integration at Level 3, we can also talk about iBIM (integrated building information modeling). There is full collaboration and integration in the cloud, including asset lifecycle management (6D).


What level of BIM is Karno Energy at?


An important additional question: where is Karno Energy located within this model? Based on this, you can determine your current starting point and the next logical step. Itannex is happy to help you do this. During a BIM familiarization or BIM inventory session, we map your organization. We enter into a discussion with the organization and immediately provide applicable advice on how the organization can achieve a higher level of BIM. However, it can also be simpler than that. Talking to one of Karno Energy’s consultants on BIM, BIM levels and your organization will give you more insight into your current situation and possible opportunities for your company.

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